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SB1449 passed in the legislature but still needs to be signed by the Governor. 

Click here for the Appeal doc.

7. Appeal: Shortened Final Reply
6. Appeal: Fish's Reply Too Long.

5. Appeal: Reply Brief

4. Appeal: The State's Answering Brief (coming)

3. Appeal: Opening Brief

2. Motion for Retrial

1. Hal Fish's Statement at the Sentencing Hearing

* Fish/Detective Feagan Interviews

* Conversation with County Attorney Office and Sheriff Department

6. Court: Fish to get new trial

* Retrial ordered in fatal shooting of hiker

* Arizona man gets new trial in self-defense case

5. Napolitano Vetoes Self Defense Bill AGAIN!
The State Legislature met her demands and she still vetoed it.

4. Bill: SB1166

3. Napolitano Vetoes Self Defense Bill

2. Bill: SB1302
Senate: 47 to 0: PASS
House 42 to 17: PASS
Governor: VETO

1. Lawmakers vote to make self-defense change retroactive

* AZ Supreme Court Decision - Garcia

* SB 1145 self-defense; home protection (restores "innocent until proven guilty")

* Minutes from Committee of Judciary

* SB 1145 Chronology

1997 - 43rd Legislature
HB2408 - The "innocent until proven guilty" 1997 law.
Look for 13-103, 13-205.

Did anyone read ARS 13-115. Presumption of innocence and benefit of doubt; degrees of guilt? Was this in conflict prior to SB1145 (2007)?  YES!

Innocent-Unless-Proven-Guilty Restored in Arizona !!
Gun Law Update 2006 AZ

Arizona Castle Doctrine explained - In plain English

Closer look at AZ "Castle Doctrine" bill

Payson Roundup 

Dateline's "Trail of Evidence"

"Trail of Evidence" transcript

Jury Nullification

Google News: Harold Fish  

...about the Webmaster

...about the Webmaster... 

It has come to my attention that there are those who think that I am Harold Fish's webmaster or that this is his site.

I am neither commissioned nor requested by any member of the Fish family or anyone else to operate this website. It exists on my nickel and I dictate its content. In fact, a member of the Fish family wanted this domain name and I refused to give it up.

I am acquainted with Harold Fish's family members through their interaction with members of my family, and my involvement in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. If someone showed Harold Fish a picture of me, I doubt that he could put a name to it. Prior to this incident, I would not have been able to identify his picture either.

As a father, I can relate to the current problems and problems generations into the future that this entire ordeal will cause his children and posterity unless it is completely corrected immediately. 

My interest in the case should now be obvious. This has been a terrible miscarriage of justice, mainly due to a faulty 1997 law which was corrected last year.  My outrage at the prosecution and judge when they flatly ignored the obvious intent of the legislature, along with a myriad of other, in my opinion, unethical actions is what led to the creation of this site.

I hope that this sufficiently clarifies the misunderstanding.   If you have any questions, just ask.


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